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Welcome to Capital Vacations Resort Management’s Owner Web Portal

Email Address or Owner ID Number To login, please enter either: - Email Address (existing users) - Owner ID Number (new and existing users)

New Users: Please use your Owner ID Number if you are a first time user. Your Owner ID Number can be found in two places on your statement. It is located in a box in the upper left portion of your statement as well as on the remittance coupon. If your Owner ID Number is in a format of 12-12345 please only use the numbers after the hyphen. To see where your owner ID is found, please click here.

Password For first time users, please use the first 5 digits of your zip code. (If your address is outside the United States please use the first 6 numbers / characters of your postal code (not counting spaces)). ie: 1A1 2B2.
Once you are registered you can change your password under the Owner Information tab

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For existing users, please click the 'Forgot Password' button.

If you do not have your Email Address, Owner ID or password, please contact your resort at the number on your statement for further assistance.

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